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Radio training drop-in sessions at our studio in Salem Mill, Hebden Bridge will be held throughout the summer 2016 and into September. These are the dates.
All ages and abilities are welcome. Please check our social media pages for more up to date info

Radio Traning dates


Here at Recycle Radio we have been working very hard, with lots of great support from our DJ's, musicians and presenters (who also have hidden skills in carpentry, carpet fitting and general DIYery.) after several setbacks, the floods, (mainly the floods!) to get back up and running to bring great community radio back to the Calder Valley. We have built a new studio in a new location, using reclaimed and donated materials, time and skills.

Free training sessions will be starting up on Saturday 9th July at 10am at Salem Mill, Hebden Bridge, with our experienced radio trainers, Creedy and Shack, building up to our broadcast, date to be released soon.

Thanks for all your support and for sticking with us. It will be worth waiting for!

Recycle Radio. 10% radio 90% community

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You can listen to previous shows here on Mixcloud, (also being updated)


The Calderdale town of Hebden Bridge has never had a local radio station. In 2013 we conducted a survey which showed there was a significant amount of interest within the local community not just to listen to such a station but to be an active part of delivering the service.

Following a successful model trialled in Leeds, Salford and Chester, we devised a strategy that will ultimately lead to a full-time community radio station focusing on the needs of the listenership. The programme was devised in order to address a number of different needs within the community:

  • Provision of entertainment/information to listeners
  • Allowing people to learn and develop new transferable skills regardless of age, enhancing their self-confidence
  • Enhancing community cohesion
  • Promoting local interest groups, artists and musicians
  • Tackling issues of loneliness and social exclusion in the local area

The first stage of this, carried out in July 2014, was a four day, live-streamed Internet broadcast coinciding with the Yorkshire legs of the Tour de France. Listening figures for the weekend were well into 4 figures at peak. On the run-up to the event, 58 members of the local community accessed free training in software, radio production and presenting. Throughout the 4 days 157 people were involved in presenting show or in a technical and support capacity.









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