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Monday May 6th 2019

12 noon - 8pm

A full day of family fun to celebrate International Workers’ Day & the coming of summer. With live music, stalls, street food, speakers and poets, celebrating the importance of our political and campaigning heritage, and our determination to create a better world. Music & performance programmed and broadcast live by Recycle Radio. with a live audience. Featuring...

Klonk | 7pm

Pepperjam | 5.40pm

FADS. | 4.50pm

Jacky's Fantastic | 4.05pm

Creedy & the Colour | 3.10pm

Isaac Hughes-Dennis | 2.30pm

James Bragg | 1.50pm

Karl Theobald | 1.20pm

Keiron Higgins | 12.55pm

Big Dave | 12.35

With resident DJ Scott Hub

and your host, Creedy

This event will be broadcast live here on and tunein phone app, search Recycle radio.
Tune in at 12 noon on Monday May 6th

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